For this combo you can go straight to the office or we can send you our comfortable and luxury vans to enjoy these two activities rated as two of the best activities of the Central Pacific.

Crocodile River Tour takes place on the Tarcoles River in Central Pacific Costa Rica. Get up-close with American crocodiles of all sizes, and observe an abundance of beautiful exotic birds! Enjoy spectacular rainforest scenery and cruise through dense mangrove forest canals. Spot jungle wildlife such as iguanas, lizards, and monkeys.

Bird-Watching and Crocodile tour on Rio Grande of Tarcoles during the Adventure we offer to the tourists a trip of full satisfaction, safety and enjoyment, we will provide you comprehensive information about the Rio Grande de Tarcoles and the large population of American crocodiles that inhabit on this ecosystem. The bird watching in the other hand is one of the most famous places of the Pacific area, where aquatic, ground and raptors birds can be seen.

The magical mangrove and gallery forest provides us the opportunity to watch iguanas, lizards, basilisks, and all the species that live there. Come and enjoy our tour on Tárcoles River. You will learn about the diverse wildlife existing in the river, the ecosystems, birds, mangrove forests, crocodiles, iguanas, and much more.

After the boat ride around the Tarcoles river, we will go arroubd the beautiful village of Tarcoles on a horse.

A gentle and beautiful tour on the well-loved and well cared for Costa Rican Stepping horses. The horses have been trained to carry visitors gently through the private river valley along the foothills of the mountains and across rivers, reaching the hillsides that allow for spectacular views of this spectacular private reserve. Many stops will be provided where guests and horses can relax and breathe in the sheer abundant beauty and nature.