Diego Vargas Agüero “General Manager”

Local businessman, from a young fisherman he has held various jobs like fiberglass work, and time devoted to the sport of boxing for several years participating in several local tournaments and then take command of a bar in the same town of Tarcoles, It was not until 2002 where he was presented with the opportunity to acquire the company Crocodile Man Tour and venture into a new area for development as an entrepreneur, a father of a beautiful daughter who urges him to go ahead and mark your horizon and propels to make every effort in the smooth running of the company and thus further contribute to local development.



Angie Adaniz Adaniz “Administrative Manager”

Take a very young start to work, peeling shrimp, removing clams, once it learned to make pastry at high chool, then sold different things, my mother has had volunteers for many years, where I was born the idea of study tourism to become in a naturalist guide because I love wildlife, I’m degree in environmental anagement tourism and tourist rush during in the Universidad Hispanoamericana and English courses in the Centro Cultural de Idioms, management is a skill that takes from the 19 years’ time when I start to work in this company, it was here where I was able to pay my career and now have a better lifestyle, married, my horizon has always been studying and always help who needs me.

Michael Quesada Adaniz “Marketing – “Guide”

When young I had the opportunity to meet the workplace, always working on vacation for my studies and contribution to my home, after high school I was presented the opportunity to attend study Agroecotourism in the Escuela Centroamericana de Ganaderia in Atenas where I a Graduate University for year after working as a Naturalist Guide and performing various tasks, and then starting with the stage of the Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Tourism Management at the Universidad Tecnica Nacional, after continuing the work of Naturalist Guide Freelance character several tourism companies based in the central Pacific, work Adhonorem in Lappa Association and tourism Marketing jobs in Crocodile Man Tour company where my professional career has boomed, university has been supporting me and encouraging me.



Jason Vargas Agüero “Guide”

Since young I lock engages in agriculture, fishing and construction, finish my studies in basic education, and economic and family reasons, I didn’t have the opportunity to complete my studies, for things in life my brother Diego Vargas earned this company, and started my work in this company, also for many years and grew up fishing around this river so it was very easy to adapt to this environment, after that I started to practice English and French and I had the opportunity today be local naturalist guide with great knowledge in crocodiles and ecology, today I have the joy of having a better quality of life, for survival in this community has not been easy. At an early age I had the pleasure of having my first daughter Jimena, who has driven me to keep fighting

Luis Vargas Chacon “Boat captain”

Local fisherman who owns a fishing tackle using traditional Born and raised in Tárcoles in the fishing cooperative over the years who was raising a family of three daughters and his wife who after 30 years of being a fisherman saw an opportunity in the company and that was how in 2007 he joined the team, trained as certified master port captain’s license Puntarenas and marine vessel captain has become a key part of the company in all matters relating to our boats.



Yahaira Adaniz Adaniz “Cook”

Known around town as a kind, supportive and caring who since childhood and in the kitchen of her grandmother took her first steps in the culinary arts, showing his qualities in a Tárcoles local bars, restaurants, private events and more. In whom the company fully committed to make way for one very important step as the company was the development of our restaurant, who so far is the charge of all matters relating to private events and maintenance of the Restaurant Crocodile Man Tour.

Aracelly Adaniz Espinoza “Waitress”

Since the company Home Stage Restaurant with being descended from a family known for their culinary art, was hired for the purpose who works in the restaurant area and kitchen helping with the large events, mother of 2 children, a fighter, humble noble and responsible character are some of her many qualities and moral values ​​that the company has always tried to rescue is each of our employees.



Urbano Adaniz Porras “Security”

Annealing as a hardworking, honest, friendly and always willing to work with the company, from child labor in fishing, farming, then start work on the construction, over the years had the opportunity to lock for limpets Hotel and club Villa Lapas, here I work as head of security, after that, the company relied on its services and experience years in this area makes the decision to hire him, humble man, father of 4 children, and married.